Dynamic Extreme

Dynamic Extreme is the washing machine that offers you only the best - silent like no other, modern design, low consumption and maximum reliability. The modern, linear design is suitable for all environments thanks to the elegant finishes. The materials and details (such as the LCD display and the dark glass) are top quality.

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Un silenzio perfetto

Perfect silence

Thanks to the Perfect Silent Inverter, Hoover Dynamic Extreme guarantees unbeatable noise reduction and minimum vibration in all washing phases, combined with the best energy savings.

Performance da record

Record performance levels

  • Energy class: A+++ -50%
  • Save 50%
  • Flawless cleaning
  • Consumption reduced to a minimum
  • Silent like no other



Stay in touch with your home

Stay in touch with your home

Thanks to the Wizard app your appliance will always be connected via wi-fi wherever you are. With One Fi technology you will be able to find the ideal solution to your needs and keep your appliance under control 24/7.

Cura per i tessuti

Care for fabrics

Dynamic Extreme allows you to wash a full load of different colours and types of fabric, obtaining perfect results even with quick washes and low temperatures.  


Massima precisione nel lavaggio

Maximum precision in washing

The advanced Kilo Mode function measures the weight of the laundry and as a result adjusts the quantity of water, energy consumption and washing time with scientific precision.

Nessuna preoccupazione

No worries

Acqua Stop is the prevention system designed to prevent flooding and providing you with peace of mind. Should there be leaks or faults in the loading tube the system protects your laundry and your home.