Connect your H-PURIFIER to the hOn App and access a world of functions that will enhance your purifying experience.



You can control all the main purifying modes remotely, as well as set the preferred cycles for Diffuser and Humidifier functions. You can check the product status and maintenance, find the instruction manual and read tips on your product. Plus, watch video tutorials and set specific programs and notifications. Through the hOn App, you can even choose to manage your H-PURIFIER trough Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

The CO monitoring is always-on and H-PURIFIER alerts you with an acoustic alarm and via hOn App, in case of Carbon Monoxide (CO) detection.



Thanks to the Wi-Fi connection, H-PURIFIER can check both the internal and external environment. It gives you a real time comparison and automatically works to balance the air in your home. Available data on the hOn App takes into account these particles: PM2.5, PM10 and VOC. Stats and graphs can be checked through the hOn App to receive personal advice and understand how to improve the air inside the house.

Thanks to the hOn App, the user is able to check the AQI (Air Quality Index) to get daily forecasts and consult historical data. External air quality information consists of both statistics and 3 day forecasts.



Right after set up, you will have the opportunity to create your own allergy profile by selecting the most common pollen you’re allergic to such as grass, ragweed, birch and olive tree. This feature ensures high protection for sensitive users to improve product performance and ensures a cleaner and healthier home environment that is personalised.

The hOn App can monitor the presence of outdoor pollen and communicate their presence to the product. By setting your personal profile, the pollen allergy mode will start automatically, advising you in case of detection of the selected type of pollen.



The hOn App benefits sensitive people with their health concerns. The most relevant pollen data is shown according to Users Allergy Profile to deliver a unique and customised experience.

Historical data can be consulted and also forecasts are available. Data can be filtered by week or by month.