The set of intelligent sensors carefully monitors the indoor air quality in real time. With laser technology to ensure very high accuracy. No maintenance is required. You can check your home air quality status at any time in just one glance, thanks to the 4 colours of the Air Quality LED Ring that indicates air quality immediately, while the details of the different polluting agents are visible on the product display or via the hOn App.

The Multi-Sensor System detects:



Particulate (PM) Sensor is useful for a real time monitoring of PM 10 and PM 2.5*, detected once per second. Particulate Matter (PM) are minute particles that could be very harmful for health, penetrating deeply into the human body. They are so small and light that tend to stay longer in the air, affecting the respiratory system and the bloodstream.

*PM 10 have a size up to 10 µm and are capable of penetrating the upper respiratory tract. PM 2.5 have a size up to 2.5 µm and they can reach our lungs, thus penetrating deeper into our body.

Temperature and humidity

CO Sensor and Alert

Useful for an always-on monitoring of Carbon Monoxide (CO) presence. CO may come from combustion processes, like the ones originated from heaters, hobs and cookers. The CO Sensor alerts you through an acoustic signal and via the hOn App, to ensure a safer home environment.

* H-Purifier must be plugged in to electricity supply for the CO monitoring and alerts to operate. H-Purifier cannot be hardwired to fixed wiring or mounted on ceilings or walls and cannot be used as a substitute for a BS EN 50291 approved CO monitor.

Gas (VOC)

Gas (VOC)

This sensor detects GAS (Volatile Organic Compounds), that can be originated from detergents, solvents, cosmetic and furniture, once every 20 seconds.

CO Sensor and Alert

Temperature and humidity

Specific sensors continuously monitor the temperature and relative humidity in your home.


H-TRIFILTER is the exclusive Hoover system of filtration for H-PURIFIER, featuring the combined action of 3 different layers of filtration, with a specific function for each layer, to ensure protection from all indoor pollutants up to 0.1 micron.


1. The outer layer

It works as a primary filter, intercepting the largest particles such as human and pet hair and dust.


2. The HEPA (H13) filter

This second layer removes 99.97% of up to 0.3μm size particles: such as pollen, dust mites, spores, bacteria and outdoor pollution, but also captures PM 10 and PM2.5. Furthermore, the Hoover HEPA filter has a unique treatment to inhibit pollen once captured by the filter and makes them harmless, allowing users with allergies to manage the filter in complete safety.


3. The Active Carbon filter

The third layer removes harmful gases and odors. It is composed by active carbons which, thanks to their porosity, adsorb organic volatile compounds (VOC) odors, fumes, cigarette smoke and NO2. GASES VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) are volatile chemical compounds (such as formaldehyde), that usually come from detergents, glues, solvents, cosmetic, electronic equipment and even by furniture. They are potentially harmful to our health in case of prolonged exposure. NO2 (Nitrogen Dioxide) is typically from traff pollution.


Thanks to H-PURIFIER’s round shape and its 360° Airflow system, purified air is spread evenly in every direction, first toward the ceiling and then across the room to reach every spot in a fast and efficient way. In can purify a room of 20m2* in around 10 minutes.

* Time for one whole cleaning cycle of a 20m2 room (assuming 2.4 m height) based on product max CADR.