Technical Assistance

The Hoover technical assistance service offers an efficient, extended network of authorised service centres scattered throughout the country, to guarantee that top quality interventions are carried out by highly qualified staff.


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For any doubts or assistance, Hoover has a Customer Service dedicated to providing support should your appliance malfunction or require maintenance.

To request technical services, call the number:


From Monday to Friday 8:30 - 17:30. Charges for calls depend on your provider.

Before calling be sure to have 16-digit serial number that you find on the product and the purchase date. 

Where to find the serial number

Do you need technical support to use your Hoover appliances or for maintenance? Contact our technical assistance service online and we will provide the help you need.

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Call 08.221710


The instruction manual of every appliance can be quickly and easily downloaded in pdf format directly from the web site - just select the product line, the name or the code of the appliance.

Read the guarantee conditions


Hoover products have a one-year guarantee for all conformity faults.


Accessories and spare parts

Hoover recommends original spare parts and accessories to ensure quality and maintain the reliability and performance of your appliance at the highest level. To order Hoover genuine spares and accessories please visit Here you will find original spares parts and accessories for a wide range of Hoover products. This website is managed by our authorized online distribution partner in the UK.



Regular maintenance of your household appliances, using professional products, enables you to extend their life span and effectiveness over time. 
Choose the most appropriate CARE+PROTECT product to care for your household appliances, whatever your needs.